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About TAT

Promote the tourism industry to be an important instrument in tackling the country’s economic problems, creating jobs for people as well as increasing income for the country. Moreover, promotion should be done to make tourism play a vital role in the development of the quality of life in all regions of Thailand as per the policy of the government.


Promote and develop the operation on proactive marketing strategies to increase new and niche markets. This is in order to attract more quality tourists to visit Thailand. At the same time, domestic travel for Thais should be vigorously encouraged. The positioning of Thailand is to be drawn out clearly, too.


Promote cooperation in all levels, both domestically and internationally, on promotion for the development of tourism markets. This aims to get rid of all hindrances in the tourism industry and pave the way for Thailand to be the tourism hub of Southeast Asia.


Aim at organization and management development as well as development of the human resources’ ability to create a capable driving force in the operation. Moreover, this aims at strengthening the potentiality on international competition under the good governance as well as developing the strength of the organization on its technical roles and knowledge on marketing.


Accelerate the development of a tourism technological system for accommodating business activities information (E-Tourism) on the Internet. Included here is also the carrying out of electronic commerce as well as applying information technology in marketing. The necessary mechanism on controlling and protection has to be in place to ensure prevention of problems.