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All of the information contained within this website was gathered and presented by Tourism Thailand in order to help visitors plan and experience the best possible Thailand holiday and to provide a platform for vendors in Thailand to introduce their products and/or services to said visitors.

While we do our best to collaborate with other government agencies, industry associations, and individual tour operators to provide the highest quality and most up-to-date information about destinations, activities, and logistics for travel to and within Thailand, the information provided on this site may not always reflect the current conditions or anticipate any or all unforeseen changes as they arise in Thailand.

As we strive to ensure that each visitor has the best possible experience in Thailand, we welcome any feedback, constructive or otherwise, and we will make every effort to process your email as quickly as possible.

Please note that as a forum of information intended to provide assistance to visitors, Tourism Thailand has no mandate to investigate individual consumer complaints, or jurisdiction over individual operators, industry bodies, government agencies, or regional tourism organizations regarding services or products.

If you provide us with information regarding your complaint, we will forward your information to the relevant party and ask that they respond; we also suggest that you contact the service provider that you wish to complain about directly, as it is likely they would also appreciate your feedback so as to provide better services to future guests.

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